Poop Removal Service in Fort Worth TX

Cleaning up after dogs is definitely one of the most frustrating parts of pet ownership and with a challenging local climate, pet waste is one big smelly headache. The good news is that Paws & Claws can make your life a whole lot easier with simple and professional poop removal service in Fort Worth TX. We will provide a clean, green and waste-free outdoor environment that you and your pets can enjoy all year long.

Why Choose Paws & Claws Poop Removal Service?

Here at Paws & Claws, poop removal service is one of our specialties. Our Fort Worth professional pet waste removal service technicians provide excellent sanity-saving service- from poop scooping, cat litter cleaning, to patio cleaning, you don’t have to be scared of stepping on poop in your yard again.

Our pet pool removal team of uniformed Paws & Claws technicians will come to your home and do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Apart from dependable residential poop removal, we also specialize in removing pet waste in apartments and commercial establishments.

We Provide Poop Removal, a service that Everyone Backyard Deserves!

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Our Fort Worth Poop Removal Services

You can schedule our Paws & Claws poop removal service on a weekly, monthly, or on special occasions basis. Our thorough and precise Fort Worth poop removal system includes the following tasks:

Everything You Need To Know
About Poop Removal Service

Poop Removal Service FAQs

We answer some of the frequently asked questions that we typically hear from prospective about our Paws & Claws poop removal service:

Our animal-loving technicians will search, sweep, and scoop all areas in the backyard, including grass, artificial turf, landscaped areas, pools, decks, patios, and landscaped areas, to name a few. Paws & Claws technicians will look everywhere else to make sure no poop is left behind your yard. Depending on your requirements, our poop removal service may also include front yard inspection and poop removal. Once we are done with the dirty work, we will immediately send you a picture of your locked gate, to notify you that we have completed our service.

If you own cats that pee and poop in litterboxes instead of the yard, you should take advantage of our litterbox cleaning service, too. We will come to your house upon request and deliver the required number of cat litter boxes plus backup for each. With regular litterbox cleaning, you simply leave the dirty boxes outside and come home to clean and sanitized litter boxes which you can then bring indoors. We provide the litter so you don’t have to buy supplies again.

All our Paws & Claws technicians wear uniforms when providing service to your residence. We will notify you via text or email that we’ve completed pet removal service in your yard.

You don’t have to be at home while we service your lawn. We will send you a message or leave a note letting you know that poo removal service was successfully rendered.

Paws & Claws strictly follow the rules and regulations of waste disposal in accordance with city, county, and state regulations.

Why Paws & Claws
Poop Removal Services?

Come home to a fresh and clean yard free from unsightly and smelly waste with our dependable poop removal service. If you live in Keller, Southlake, Watauga, Trophy Club, Grapevine, Colleyville, Westlake and North Richland Hills, Texas, call Paws & Claws and let’s talk about what our technicians can do for you!