Watauga Pet Sitting Service

If there is a downside to going on that grand vacation, it’s leaving your behind in your Watauga home. If your pet suffers from travel trauma and anxiety in new places, you can leave them under the compassionate care of Paws & Claws. Our pet sitting service gives you unmatched confidence that your cherished cat, dog, and smaller pet animal receive the love they expect and deserve.

Why Choose Paws & Claws Pet Sitting Service?

At Paws & Claws, we firmly believe that home care is the best type of care for your pets. We are a locally-owned company with a dedicated staff of pet sitters that are geared towards offering reliable and affordable pet sitting service in Watauga. Our caring philosophies and loving services offer the best quality of life for your pets even when you aren’t around. Our dependable pet sitters receive adequate and continuous knowledge in the provision of top-tier pet care for cats, dogs, and other pet animals that you have at home. The Paws & Claws team consists of pet sitting experts that are CPR and first-trained and certified, as well as extensive knowledge of different animal behaviors. Your trust means everything to us, so we make sure we provide safe, prompt, and efficient pet sitting service at all times.

We Provide pet Sitting services, to Everyone in Watauga!

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Our Pet Sitting Services in Watauga

Paws & Claws follow industry standards to ensure your pets are happy and healthy whenever our caring pet sitters render services to your fur babies. Our primary goal is to make all our pet care services convenient, affordable, and accessible to you and your pets:

Why Paws & Claws
Watauga Pet SItter Services?

Paws & Claws does not discriminate as we extend our pet care sitting to other pet animals including chickens, fish, exotic pets, and reptiles, to name a few. We are not just a dog and cat care company as our pet sitting professionals in Watauga have extensive experience in caring all sorts of animals in home care. We are your best bet if you’re looking for compassionate sitters for your critters.

Paws & Claws specializes in providing top-notch pet sitting service in Watauga and beyond. Our pet sitters create enduring value with their genuine passion for animals made evident by their ethical and loving service to the pets they care for. Let us help you in providing the best care for your pets.